Crystal Limousine Group,
While you’ve never asked me for a recommendation in the three years we’ve used your services, I wanted to pro-actively alert you about the quality of experience that you are creating for our clients and its’ impact on our company. As you may know, we serve a fairly high-end clientèle. The people you deliver to us are the top income-earning professionals in their respective fields and they are not easily impressed. They come into Chicago to see us from far and wide and have very high expectations about the experience they hope to have with our firm.
Recently, a client of ours that you picked up and delivered from the airport to our offices was sharing with us the experience he had with you. He told me about the immaculate car (of course!), the prompt service (naturally!) and then went on and on about the rapport he had with you. He was so visibly impressed with the impression you made on him that it literally passed over into his impression of our firm. This was not the first time I’ve heard this; in fact it’s been the norm for years.

What I mean to communicate here is that the quality of your professional services reflects us here at The Wisdom Link is ways I could not have anticipated. Furthermore, it means so much more than I can say that the experience you are creating for our clients is one of quality, professionalism and personal care reflective of our very best intentions for clients. You are actually upholding our brand standards and that is an incredibly valuable contribution to us.

To say “thank you” would leave things incomplete but it’s the best I’ve got. I’ll say it like this though and hope to capture more of my meaning:

Thank you for being a partner with us.
Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if we can be references for you and your exceptional organization.
Very best,

Jon LoDuca Founder and President The Wisdom Link
I just wanted to touch base with you to extend my gratitude for all your assistance and the fabulous service that both you and your staff provided for my staff during our business meeting in Chicago this week! Everyone provided excellent service with a smile!
Elaine Raff, Portfolio Consulting Services Coordinator from CSCU
“Hello – The Limo service on 7/27/12 was great. Thank you for helping me with an important day entertaining customers!!!”
Mike Venesky
“I used your service last Saturday from Trump Tower to the airport. Thank you for providing such prompt service with such a kind driver. I look forward to using your company many times in the future.”
Carol Tolles

Crystal Limo Group would like to thank our lovely local and international fans for your business and for your kind words.

We are looking forward to seeing you again and driving you to the best destinations Chicago and Illinois have to offer!
Come back soon!

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